From the E-Poetry Advisory Board, the Electronic Poetry Center,
Media Study Buffalo, and all things delightful & digital —

With hand-helds full of glee, tablets honed, and laptops buzzingly golden
as honey-drenched hives of bees, we are pleased to announce:
E-POETRY [ 2013 ]
June 18-20, 2013
Pre-conference Events: June 17
Maria Mencia, Local Convener

Deadline for Submissions: Dec. 1st, 2012

Full details:

Proposals for Scientific/Scholarly Papers (15 minutes) or Creative (Performances/Readings/Hybrid Talks  of 15 or 30 minutes) should consist of a 250 word description of the aims, content, methodology (or artistic frame), and conclusion (or artistic goals) of your presentation. Of greatest interest are alternate paths of thinking, new works to ponder, open frames, direct impressions, a sense of what we see. Whether strictly scholarly rigor, poetic inspiration, or interwoven critical and artistic experimentation, we seek your views. Send your proposal, with the subject line “E-Poetry 2013 Proposal” to emerginglanguagepractices [at] with a cc: to Laura Shackelford, E-POETRY [ 2013 ] Proposals Coordinator (lxsgla [at] by deadline date. Early submission is encouraged due to the highly competitive nature of this festival.

DEADLINES: Proposals for Scientific/Scholarly Papers and Performances/Readings/Hybrid Talks will be due in December 1, 2012, with notifications of acceptance by January 15, 2013. Early registration deadline: March 1, 2013. 

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