Peter Fuss

Peter Fuss is the nickname of Polish visual artist whose work is considered to be street art.



Peter is known for his provocative exhibitions and installations in which he is not afraid to make fun of famous politicians and ministers and of course of the Catholic Church. Peter Fuss operates mainly with billboards making black and white posters often commenting current political events. Due to the illegal nature of his activity he deliberately does not disclose his personal data. His first poster placed in the urban space in May 2006 presented a silhouette of Pope John Paul II (strike through) and Benedict XVI.


In 2007 Peter Fuss’ exhibition was opened in the Gallery Scene in Koszalin. It was titled «Jesus Christ, king of Poland» and included screenshots of online forums (including forum Fronde) filled with unlimited expressions and statement of anti-Semitic and racist nature. The exhibition was accompanied by a poster (illegally placed on one of the city’s billboards) labeled «The Catholic country won with the Jews», showing the faces of dozens of people who posted on the internet something attributed to the Jewish origins. The poster was the cause of the closure of the exhibition by the prosecution on the day following its opening.


In June and July 2007 at the exhibition in Gdansk Peter Fuss presented the work «For the Laugh of God», the parody «For the love of God» performed by Damien Hirst.


«When I was a little boy I lived in a country that was not independent. You could go to jail for criticizing someone who had some power. With graffiti people tried to say that they demand freedom, that the authorities deceive them and that television is lying. The form was not important — the message that’s what was important. These people have expressed their need for freedom, they fought against the system through political slogans».

Polina Brzhezinskaya

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