Molly Roth

American artist Molly Roth creates her works of hundreds of textile (velvet, satin) ribbons and then places them on floors, walls and the ceiling. In most cases the basis of these installations are the words «Sweetness», «Failure» «Futility», «Fiasco» in hand-painted patterned fonts that look very vulnerable and feminine.

The mail interest of Molly Roth is to disclose the transparency of language. She transforms some emotional inscriptions into decorative objects. She said: «I like to refer to the postmodern depressed subject as a new cultural paradigm. I chose this way of writing to disguise the original ponderous approval, making it more decorative and presentable».

After the transformation of the word, for example, «Winter» we are unable to read it, because Molly Roth often adds reverted reflected word under it to transform the initial writing into a pattern impossible to identify.

Polina Brzhezinskaya

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