Canadian street artist Jerm IX chooses quotations of rather famous people and media persons from Dalai Lama to Paris Hilton as inscriptions on the walls. His artistic gesture also includes his own poetry. «Love someone more than need it» and «I don’t think too much, I just go» appear on the walls in a banksy-style (he actually reffered to Banksy in one of his works) cliche manner with a caption of the hero who had said that.


The text plays the role of the attitude marker to the person who said quoted words, so we have to deal with the personal thoughts of the artist even there are not his own words printed on the wall. His own citations on the walls deliberately chosen to be printed in public spaces and also his rap-lyrics you can find searching youtube are full of some sort of native american wisdom and actually could be perceived ironically in the context of Dalai Lama quotations.


Serious or ironic, his works are intended to make a person think, «We all have those moments while reading newspapers and watching TV, when you want to talk about what you do not actually like. For example, I am inspired by the homeless, racism, homophobia, global corporations, climate changes, senseless wars and extreme Republicans. I am inspired by all the things that drive me crazy. And this motivates me to share my thoughts with others».

I’ve just noticed that there are so many young canadian street artists who work with text.

Polina Brzhezinskaya

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