Before I Die

Pretty naive concept of sharing personal aspirations in a public space anonimously appeared in New Orleans several years ago when Candy Chang who went through a long period of grief started this kind of daily reminder of what people live for on the wall of abandoned house in her neighborhood. Painted the wall with a chalkboard paint she filled it with «Before I die I want to ______.» and left a gap and a piece of chalk to let strangers write what really or ironically want. The idea is simple – even for a moment to stop and think about your life, dreams and desires you want to share or reveal anonimously.


The worldwide popularity of this project of social art was not expected by the author but actually was determined. Reflections on the eternal theme — it gives people positive mood — was picked up by participants from different countries, and very soon other cities joined the project — also began to appear chalkboards. The result is the website, several social media accounts with millions of visits a day and a real chalkboard on a world tour to give everyone an opportunity to receive the experience of participation in this kind of safe street art in person. This project even moved to St. Petersburg. It started on the first floor of the mansion in the Pirogov alley, 18. Boards «Before I Die» fill up quickly, so they have to be updated every day. Also there is neсessary to ensure that boards are filled with dreams, bad entries have to be removed immediately.

The most popular are the answers «fall in love», «be married», «give birth» and «kiss». St. Petersburg is not an exception.

Polina Brzhezinskaya

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