The emptiness in Dmitri Prigov’s works

It is really hard to speak about Dmitri Prigov, the man who transformed the word and its relations with the image absolutely unpredictable. His creation is so rich and full of connotations and meanings that it may be impossible to unambiguously interpret it. Its semantic facilities are infinite. He was a poet in art and an artist in poetry.

In his works the language is not only the means of communication but also the action, the movement from itself, the creation of form through which the language communicates with itself. It creates itself. And the language creates itself from both nothing and rich source. One of this symbols if these source and nothing at the same time is an egg. Prigov made the graphical series where the words are born from the empty eggs. The words or combinations of letters are hardly decoded. In this emptiness there are only consonants on the top of which the red vowels are inserted. Prigov’s red is usually the symbol of blood and life. Red vowels are reviving the black meaningless consonants and, so, in this nothing the real life is arising. These drawings depict the process of birth from the world of nothing. From the closed emptiness to the visible meanings. Strong process in fragile construction.

prruimage302 prruimage317 prruimage697 prruimage715 prruimage739

Prigov was talking about the emptiness as a source of meaning also in his objects such as his series Cans. Every Can has the title like The Can of Autobiography, Can of Dates, Can of Future etc. Every Can has the beginning of its content: The Can of Autobiography – “I am Prigov Dmitri…”; Can of Questions – “Where we come from?”. Prigov collected Cans of the past, the present and the future and made them for use by his friends and colleges. Everyone just fills it as he wishes. Cans are covered by text but they are also empty, pure and open for new infinite meanings.

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