Subtitled Grief


Works made by British artist Fiona Shaw are devoted to problems of communication between people. Fiona often chooses the text as a main tool that she puts in an inconspicuous space. Every time she creates separated microcosmic version of the unsaid words in a form of inscription almost always looks cinematic in an inappropriate location for it like «I know you care but it doesn’t break my heart» in a form of a stand in the corner.


Each of them tells about the distance between people and their attempts to reduce it. All of these elements form a definite comment, always unsaid and implying on some personal tragedy, for example, the grief, feeling of being broken hearted. It is sketchy, lost, interrupted by a signal reminder.


The difference of fonts and color toning doesn’t make the series look incomplete. On the contrary the vast amout of used fonts and scripts looks fresh and not trivial despite the fact these fonts don’t fit surroundings. It’s a disastrous artefact of something that have already happened in this place and there are many coincidental meanings evoked by a single inscription. It resembles of «Collective Action» group’s work Losung-1977: one can appear face to face to this piece of art and find himself frozen in front of it. Sometimes inscriptions don’t evoke any personal feelings in audience, but some of them are definitely very intimate to be pronounced and are consequently followed by plenty of remembrances in each mind. Being an artist mostly known for her installations of monuments Fiona Shaw transformes into grief-monuments almost headstones every text-based installation.  

Polina Brzhezinskaya

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