poetry + beat

The sixties was the time, when popular music replaced poetry, and became the main medium of communication. Poets of San Francisco Bay Area were talking about communication between people through the word. That was not only communication between poets, but among audience. They were longigng to create an independent community. Poetry was thought to become a universal language, which would conquer alienation and misunderstanding between people.

But then rock’n’roll changed everything. That was the universal language. Teenagers spoke it around the world. 1968’s rebellious students spoke it. And even poets spoke that language, too. Allen Ginsberg took that change enthusiastically. He became friends with Bob Dylan, who, in turn, was hugely influenced by Beat generation writers. Beats introduced poetry to the younger generation of readers, who later started to play music.

Here you can listen to the song Ginsberg and Dylan recorded together:

And check out what Sonic Youth have to say to Ginsberg and Gregory Corso.


xenia zimmerman

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