Actually the world around you is inhabited only with crabs

French artist Laure Prouvost now lives in London where she works on her surreal movies and ironic paintings. From time to time she uses texts in her works which give us original comments to what should happen around it like «Ideally behind this wall be a hot spring with beautiful women swimming» or «and now: those 3 objects fly across the room spin around you, jenny and gregor to smash on the opposite wall».


Delusional content of such pieces of art is sometimes balanced with a chaste minimalistic design of white sans typeface on the black background which doesn’t let you think of these works as of personal character pieces but it also definitely doesn’t look so impersonal as street navigation signs or an instruction you should follow. But other works are handwritten with chulk and sometimes are pretty difficult to read so you have to concentrate and come closer to the one more time delusional surreal thoughts of the artist.


The main manifestation of Laure Prouvost is quite linear: words have a great visual power, without words people are unable to create their own vision. So Laure is just dropping hints and suggest her possible audience to create pictures in their own heads or sometimes to use their base instincts. For instance you see black and white inscription «A splash of red paint in your face» which compel to boggle involuntary.


Scientists and sophists are in the endless process of comprehension of how one’s psyche functions so there is no direct answer how the images appear in one’s head: what we have here is a causality dilemma of the chicken and the egg — word and image, what comes first. Laure Prouvost’s works in that case can probably be illustrations of the obvious dependence of our imagination and the textual context we were raised in.

Polina Brzhezinskaya


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