Interior design invasion

Street art becomes a product of consumption and invades the house interior landscape like popular pictures above a chimney. For example, Anna James is British and she creates not only art objects but also a furniture, so she offers a cupboard with two bedside tables titled «Verona» and «Romeo and Juliet».


It was obviously inspired by her trip to Verona, a visit to Juliet’s house, where now lovers of all ages come and leave love records on the walls of this house. A similar effect is achieved by processing high quality digital printing and then applying the love notes to the surface of the cabinet and nightstands. It seems that they hastily painted fountain pen or paint and the color combination and style of writing are identical to the original and this whole thing reminds simultaneously of Rotella’s de-collages, Jean-Michelle Basquiat, clearly of «The tube» of Eugene Mikhnov-Voytenko and the power of deconstruction of the old objects dedicated to Asger Jorn. The energy of the destroyed white smooth surfaces painted like a street wall is what we actually are magnified by in these works of design that probably borrowed so much from works of art. In this case inscriptions become an ornament, a tangled chain of color spots like «Rebus» of Robert Rauchenberg.

Also the reminder of Jean-Michelle Basquiat is significant. Almost all archetypical signs appeared on the wall are instantly identified as signs of Platonical discourse and talks about the very beginning of the human artistic nature in creating rithual images.

Besides these two interior items in the collection there is a floor lamp in the same style: surface decorated with inscriptions. In addition, the collection features a snack bar, desk table and dining table painted in the style of pop art.

Polina Brzhezinskaya

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