The theatre festival “Meteor” (Bergen, 26 of October)


“As it is” by Damir Todorovich

Actor Damir Todorovich has been wondered with the question of whether it is possible to live without lie. He connected himself to a lie detector and answered the questions during a one hour. He was asked by very strict lady who looks as seasoned in interrogation.

They spoke about a lot of things. – Are you married? –Yes. – Do you believe in God? – No. – Do you masturbate?. – Yes. – Your father is a pilot? – Yes.

We (spectators) sat in dance class and watched this strange public controled confession. The lady started to ask Damir about him military experience (the Yugoslavian wars). Yes…No…No…Yes… Question by question we found out the story . There were five soldiers. They spent night in cowoker’s house. Everyone was drank. Suddenly owner of the house lead all into basement. There were a lot of captives. The guy started shooting. Some prisoners had their throats cut. There were in the framework of exchange: the living Serbian was changed to dead Muslim.

How did you manage to sleep, Damir? – lady was puzzled.

Damir sometimes falls out of the conversation – and we see the graph jumping heartbeat, pressure …
– Are you here? Damir?
The spectators becаme turnkeys – all of them watched the graphs tirelessly, even greedily. They harrumphed when pressure jumped (- Do you love your wife? – Yes. – Do you live together? – No.)

The situation seemed to be cruel. It is difficult to find the border of theatrical conventions (if it was presented). And if there is no conditionality at all, and everything was true, then we were not allowed to judge …

The end of interrogation was very heart-piercing. Damir tried to answer the questions about nurse (he met girl in hospital, they had sexual relationship, but he don’t remember: was it voluntary free or by force). Graphs of lie detector were jumping…
– Hey, Damir, do you trust me? – ask lady (long, long pause)
The lady who looked so mechanical as machine started to cry.

– Y-yes, – said Damir.
– Do you trust machine?
– No…

… No. My father is not pilot.

– Do you want? (Damir nutated on lie-detector). It’s good to be under control.
– No… No!…Have you a cigarette?

It was so strange to observe the conventions of theater: to spank, stand up and walk away. It seemed impossible to go out after you knew

Once in front of you twisted soul, I want to go have a beer and cry in the arms.
Unable to turn around and walk away having learned so many mysteries of the life of another.

Unable to turn around and walk away having learned so many mysteries of the life of another.


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