The excursion to the Nepokorennyh’s workshop

In the beginning of November Nastya Skvortsova has organized the excursion to Nepokorennyh’s workshop at my request (the history of this workshop you can read here:

Ilya Gaponov’s art works made the strongest impression on me.

Burned blanks with name tablets were hanged up on the walls of workroom and corridor. So it looks of miners’s personal ambry. At the moment of methane explosion blast knocks out the door. On the plates – the names of real people who died in the bowels of the earth. These objects Ilya prepared for exhibition in the Russian Museum.

Gaponov draws in bituminous lacquer and so him art works makes impression of something archaic, folk, thick, true and designed by nature.

Portraits of children, atop of which there is snow (large white brush strokes), the faces of the saints – there are images, looking at us from the depths (of time? of unconscious?). All thus reflections seem indistinguishable, slinking off because of snowstorm.

I want you to pay attention on Tatyana Akhmetgalieva’s projects (her website is Her style is using threads and textile. We looked throw the catalogue of artist. In Tatyana’s art works threads revive and become the vehicle of live, blood (the “Incubator”), the illustration of sound (the “Whisper”), the appearing faces of factory workers (the “Kloto”). To unravel the tangle of meaning is extremely exciting.


It is very interesting to see art works not in gallery but in “home”. The workshops of “Nepokorennye” are open to all comers. Workrooms leaving without attendance don’t looks empty. They are so “spiritualized” by works that the presence or absence of the creator seems a formality.

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