The Bergen Assembly. The Institute of Love and Lack Thereof


Artists spoke about love in small the small gallery KNIPSU. The group “Chto delat?” (“What is to be done”?) ( produced the “Boarding musical”.

An accordion teacher Tanya from small town Nikel marries Ola, a Norwegian man from Finnmark. Tanya has teenage son, who is typical screwed-up kid. He is escaping from home every day, he is amenable to education and sometime he steal mom’s cigarettes. Ola dreams of pretty family but he has no idea how to make connection with Tanya’s son. He worries Tanya beats that boy. Ola’s friend give an advice to ask all-together help. Caseworker come at home.

An absurd action, reminiscent to Brecht’s Zongs, so similar to the real situation. Tanya sincerely wants to become a full member of happy Norwegian society. She makes unexpected conclusion: she has to turn her back on son.

The musical tells story of narrow mindedness about international marriages, about problems referring with European juvenile justice.

One more art work of the Institute of Love and Lack Thereof is Keti Chuhrov’s video “Love Machine”.

Two biorobots Paco and Pauline intrude into everyday city life, chatting with people trying their ability to self-devotion love. But their experiments show us the sad results: it turns out that only Burenka cow can love. But it will die.

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