Mikhail Karasik’s workshop

Mikhail Karasik is artist working in easel graphic works, mainly in lithography technique. He actively and successfully working in the genre of “The Book of the artist.”

We spoke about futuristic Italian and Russian book. One of the Karasik’s “The Book of Artist” is dedicated to the Marinetti’s visit in Russia. It is titled the “Marinetti’s drama or breakup story of the World Chief of Futurism in Russia”. Filippo Tomazo Marinetti came at the behast of artist Nikolay Kulbin. Khlebnikov and Lifshitz greeted him hostile, because they didn’t like because the attitude to Russian Futurism as a “branch” of the Italian.

Mikhail Karasik has a great library. We were showed miniature books – catalogues of futuristic exhibitions in Itally.

Italian Futurism existed until 1944, while Russian, according Punin, ended in 1916.

Italian futuristic books were printed typographically, unlike Russian futuristic handmade books which were printed on low-quality paper.

Mikhail Karasik told us about the masterpiece of typography – there is Vasiliy Kamenskiy’s “Ferro-concrete poem: tango with cows”. This book was printed on wallpapers – very fashionable matter in 1910-1920. (The first magazine printed on wallpapers had been published in USA in the middle of 19th century.)

It is no coincidence that such matter as concrete imposed in the title. There was one of the one of the most advanced materials of its time.

Mikhail drew our attention to the way of typesetting. It was a real breakthrough in typography.

The famous «Vasya Kamenskiy’s flying in aeroplane in Varshava» visually looks like the trajectory of the plane, moving away from the viewer (inverted triangle – printing “kerchief” vice versa).

Mikhail showed him “artist’s books” – “The cheque book”, “Leningrad architectural Constructivism: recreation centres, communal kitchens, bathes etc”.

It was very interesting to see interpretation of avant-garde heritage in the modern “artist’s book” and meet with the leader of this trend.

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