A comment to Nastia Rozhkova`s post on The Book of Genesis

According to a wide range of critics` opinions,  The 55th Venice Biennale project under the title The Encyclopedic Palace, curated by Massimilliano Gioni, was as astonishing and ambitious as never  had been before. Thought the prerogative to be referred to as the most ambitioius exhibition of all is quite a disputable issue, the fact of The Encyclopedic Palace  being a colossal research and impressive show is beyond any question.

The whole project was dedicated to the exploring of the obsessive and all-embracing desire to know everything. A desire, which indigenously resides in human nature. Another crucial point of the project was an investigation of the scopes of human imagination and strong will to realize itself and put itself to action. In other words, the exhibition was  all about the transformative power of human mind and will, always accompanied with a huge tension and work being  executed .

According to this notion of the 55th Vinice Bienalle`s main idea, the Crumb`s project The Book of Genesis perfectly fit the whole understanding. Just looking at the series of comics drawings, all done by the artist`s hand, lined in narrative sequence along the white walls of the exhibition space, sufficient for the audience to realize the tremendous work being accomplished by the Crumb.

Moreover, The Book of Genesis, being a sacral issue due to its own essence, embodied  and vividly visualized the  extent to which creative imagination and determined desire could reach. Actually, the scope of this extent is so unrestricted, that one can hardly imagine it and it may at some glace even seems unlimited.

So, wasn`t the whole project  inspiring? I guess it was.

by Tieriekhova Masha

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