Text as a key element of the early Soviet culture


It is a common knowledge that the revolutionary epoch demanded new forms of communication, propaganda. Thus, visual culture of the newly born Soviet state was shaped during several years of the post-revolutionary period.


The profound shift was made not only in the way material objects presented themselves but in the very concept of mass communication. According to a challenge of appealing to the vast masses of not well educated population, along with the ideology of Socialism, text began playing a vital role of conveying ideologically preoccupied messages. The aim and needs of mass communication determined the key characteristics of the text pieces used.


Such messages, always straightforward, plain and encouraging, dismissing any possibility of ambiguity and misunderstanding, have been employed in almost every vital aspect of everyday life: design of material objects (textile, porcelain, etc), city decoration(decorative panels and placards produced for festivities), publishing, printed propaganda (posters, brochures, etc). Didactic, unquestionable, oppressive and always easy to understand- were such messages.


Such process of shaping a new text-oriented environment was not only a cultural phenomenon of an outstanding importance itself, but corresponded with the total process of Soviet symbolism creation. Color symbolism, text elements wide incorporation, material objects, the very idea of human body appropriate appearance-all were parts of the complex ideological system. Working as a whole, such elements of a great suggestive power shaped a new anthropological and cultural formation- a Soviet citizen.

by Tieriekhova Masha


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