Exhibition Review/ Daniil Harms. Things and occasions


Dostoevskiy` Memorial and Literary Museum in St.Petersburg hosted an exhibition of outstanding importance and interest.  A wide range of personal belongings, manuscripts, books, autographs  of Daniil Harms along with the books of another members of ОБЭРИУ literary group were gathered within the territory of a small museum exhibition space.


Although exhibits were collected from miscellaneous sources and different owners, the vast majority of the objects on display were painstakingly selected by the Vita Nova publishing house.


We can`t but mention that many of the objects have never been shown before. Amoung the most thrilling parts of the collection are a personal shabby suitcase full of unpublished autographs once belonged to Daniil Harms, rare editions of books with marginal marks and autograph notes made by Harms personally, Telefunken radio receiver and other objects of everyday life. All these objects once being used by Daniil Harms himself? His close friends or members of his family convey an appearance of the times long-gone and are a kind of embodiment of personal experience of one of the most peculiar and influential author of the early soviet years.


All of these objects assembled within the museum are considered by the curators as a base of an upcoming museum of Daniil Harms. Such a museum is a long-expected enterprise which should have been undertook long before in St.Petersburg.   

by Tieriekhova Masha


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