Constructivist Design: Groundbreaking Ideas


The revolutionary epoch gave vent to the outstanding cultural phenomenon and art movement –Constructivists. L.Popova, V.Stepanova, A.Podchenko,Vesnin brothrs and others- were artists grouped around the magazine LEF. As a consept they came to believe that a revolutionary period and a newly born state demanded new forms of visual design and culture: austere, straightforward, clear, utilitarian and useful.


The constructivist artists attempted to apply the ideas and methods of their art to the design of mass-produced consumer goods. They were eager to put in use their artistical skills to renovate and redesign the very appearance of everyday environment: from books and posters to household objects and clothes.


L.Popova and V.Stepanova are artists who are merely responsible for perpetrating the visual revolution in costume design of the early 20th.They took employment at the First Cotton-Printing Factory, designing textiles and costumes which correlated with the whole Constructivist aesthetic  and principals. Such costumes were marked with a typical austere look, utilitarian tectonic structure and ideologically challenged pathos. The appearance and design of such clothes were so unusual and  shocking, that it failed to win appraisal even among Soviet officials and wide circles of intellectual and artistic public-to say nothing about poorly educated and narrow-minded proletariat. 


Altough such designs have never been put into wide circulation among population-it is regarded as an outstanding  artistical phenomena, marking the Zeitgeist of an era.

by Tieriekhova Masha


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