An ideology behind the Agitprop textile and fabrics


Agitprop textile and fabrics are both an example of the predominant visual style of the age of the first Five-year plan and the deliberate attempt to stamp out the remaining vestiges of the old tsarist regime. The demand for new fabrics was driven not by economic factors but by the political goal of creating a brand-new world of soviet household objects. Thus that was a medium for political statements and pedagogic messages. The ultimate aim was to immerse citizens in a new environment, one reflecting the ideas of Socialism.


 The notorious ‘cultural revolution’ enjoyed great resonance among wide sectors of population and provoked a host of public reactions and discussions in artistic circles.


Now that time is passed it is easier to objectively appraise this socio-cultural phenomena, both dramatic and disputable.


 Cotton fabrics with agitprop designs were mostly made in the factories of the Ivanovo city and some neighboring villages. After   those fabrics had been produced they were used as a sewing material on the numerous clothing factories of the region.


Although vivid and outstanding, creating the peculiar appearance of the time, these fabrics experienced only a short period of success. After a notorious article in the Pravda newspaper in 1935 the production of such textiles and clothes were categorically tagged as   ‘ tasteless, exploiting highest ideas in vulgar style’ and even ‘ideologically harmful’. Thus, short after this well-known article, conveying the changed official attitude towards agitprop dresses, the production of such textiles ceased.


Again floral patterns and abstract motifs began being officially approved and trendy among soviet women.

by Tieriekhova Masha


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