A vital role of a ‘poster language’ in a newly-born text-oriented Soviet culture


Posters were a key element in the system of propaganda-ideologically challenged agitation. According to its particular aims and needs, propaganda elaborated a special kind of language- mass-oriented appeal, straightforward and plain, provoking and encouraging. These messages could be found almost everywhere, virtually surrounding people and creating a brand-new Soviet environment.

Although the ‘poster language’ was called-for during the whole span of existence of the Soviet state, evolving and alltering to meet the challenges of the particular historical situation, it was the period of the Civil War and the following years when this kind of cultural phenomena acquired its peculiar appearance and formed characteristic features.

Posters were nothing but a close conjunction of visual art forms and text, combining and transforming these two to meet the range of urgent ideological challenges. Appealing to proletariat, wide sectors of not so well-educated population,  posters employed a range of characteristic features which made it a unique cultural phenomena and formed its genuine appearance.

Always short and captivating phrases and messages which were used by the poster-makers ultimately succeeded to draw public attention whenever they need to. Combining these captivating text pieces with color symbolism, special visual language and design, newly-adopted symbolic characters, Soviet posters can be considered a messages of outstanding suggestive power.

  The most popular and well-known among the first revolutionary posters are the works of V.V. Mayakovsky D.S. Moor, , M.M. Cheremnyh,V.N. Deni.

by Tieriekhova Masha

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