The Listenning Post essay by Liza Matveeva

The media project Listening post created by Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin in 2003 refers to our usual online communication or to a parody of that.

Phrases which were gotten from the Internet in real-time began from I am and on the first layer show how egoistical we became. These replicas also changing automatically that characterizes us as shallow and unthoughtful people. Our reactions look like simple operating command that should be formulated in a short clear form for more accurate scanning by someone on the other side of the communication. No punctuation marks, no emotions – no the least occasions for any ambiguity.

In our postindustrial era communication becomes cheaper and more simple and unfortunately less important. Every moment we have to talk and chat with people even we just don’t have any wishes for it. We shouldn’t have mood. Mood is irregular. If you are in a bad mood you are marginal. Nobody wants to know how are you but everyone is asking you “How are you?”. Nobody cares about his or her interlocutor and everybody just wants to tell no matter what. Our communication turned into primary reflex. I’m from Oklahoma, I’m freezing… fast short phrases without any meaning crowded the Internet. Every minute or second we hear the sound of receiving messages and it sounds like a symphony of useless communication.

The technical realization corresponds to first computers with its noncolor primitive screens with the same primitive functions and operations. Earlier these computers needed only short commands for the same short actions. Also the aesthetic of this project resembles pager, the ancestor of actual mobile phones and gadgets. Pager didn’t need any answers. It was absolutely one-way communicational medium as all these messages in this project.

For me it’s an important project, which uses the knowable aesthetics and tells us to remember that online communication is actually a computer communication without human cordiality and emotions.

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