Playable Media

Game definitions:

Agon (chess)
Alea (game of chance)
Mimicry (Hamlet)
Ilinx (virtigo, dizziness)


1. What is a narrative?
2.  Provide an example of interactive art piece. In what ways hypertext is not a game?
3. What is the difference between interactivity and playability?
4. In what ways does the narrative unfold? What can you compare it with?


Peter Gendolla, Jörgen Schäfer (eds.). The Aesthetics of Net Literature. Writing, Reading and Playing in Programmable Media. aeth_of_netlit
Michael Joyce
Afternoon, a story. 1987. (excerpt) 

Jim   Andrews
Michael Mateas Andrew Stern
Jason Nelson
Natalie Bookchin
Kate Pullinger
Алексрома, Георгий Жердяев
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