Olga Tobreluts` remedeations.

Remediation is the process whereby computer graphics, virtual reality, and the WWW define themselves by borrowing from and refashioning media such as painting, photography, television, and film. This is, actually, what Russian painter Olga Tobreluts does. She artfully combines new technologies with academic type of painting.

“She intentionally uses new media as a means of expressing her own system of poetics. This type of poetics is based on the dialectics of high and low academism: where the artist constantly strikes a balance between high-style classical models low-brow, kitschy, and cruse models” – says A. Borovsky.

Timur Novikov noticed that Tobreluts` works, made with the help of the very modern techniques, at the same time look very traditional.

But in combining old and new she goes further, presenting to us ancient Greek gods as models in brand clothes, or famous footballers as ancient Greek gods.


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