Genres of video poetry.

Genres of video poetry by Видеопоэзия.

–          documentary – reader is in the center of the video. But in contrast to the simple reading of the poem in front of camera, here we can find additional senses, brought in by the video picture.

–          textual – text is in the center. It can be expressed in any way, but it will be. Audio can be absent here.

–          illustrative – here picture illustrates text.

–          conceptual – here video and text are connected by the idea, often by associations.

–          musical – music dominates, video is rhythmically connected with music.

–          visual – poetry without text, poetics is reached by rhythm in video itself.

–          plot – poetry goes to the background. Plot is in the center, Looks like short film, but with poetic insertion.

  1. January 4th, 2013

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