Gary Hill

Gary Hill is an American artist, works with linguistics – text – images

Electronic Linguistic (1977)


Remarks on Color (1994)

Unfortunately, there’s no video of this work.

Remarks on Color consists of a single video projection in which an eight year old child (Gary Hill’s daughter, Anastasia Hill) reads Wittgenstein’s Remarks on Color, Part 1, consisting of 88 segments, in real time over a period of 45 minutes.  Hill first modified the book by replacing all philosophical, psychological and scientific terms as well as proper names with phonetically spelled versions and then asked Anastasia to negotiate every word the best she could. Consequently the meaning and inflections of pitch and pauses go “in and out of sync” with unexpected turns. Sometimes specific words are occasionally transposed, with “five-sided angles” becoming “five-sided angels,” and “now” replacing “know,” etc. The set, the child’s clothing and hair color, and the bright red book itself become visual references throughout a reading where the reader/viewer experience ‘color,’ ‘language’ and ‘play’ in a multiplicity of ways.


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