Back to Purity

The try to annihilate art and come to the rise of it was characteristic of avangard. Artists were dealing with primitivistic art and children’s art, as we may know from the history of art.

This intention was also expressed in surrealism partiality in using image of doll and mannequin (Hans Bellmer etc.). The semantic meaning of the doll as something mysterious and as the object of our wishes/anxieties and as the construcion on which we are projecting them.

Come back to the book for children. A lot of prominent avangard artists were illustrating them.

As an example, we are going to talk about book for children. Avangard artists made a huge contribution into the children’s book development. For instance, Kurt Shwitters and El Lisickiy applied typographical letters in creation of images. They were books about class war and illustrations were made according to the futuristic discoveries in typographical cassa’s trouvaille.

Joan Miro, as a surrealist artist, made unthinkable illustrations to the only children book (along with the other books) he ever illustrated “Once upon a time there lived one pie” (by Lisa Hints). It’s like a game of circles and ovales.

Children’s book is considered  a main part in the process of forming a new generation.

And sometimes considered to be book for children was a great value for left radicals (for instance, soviet books in American intellectual coceterie).

by Alyona

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