Brief review on the history of Budetlyane’s book

Futurism as a literary movement extended on the other spheres of art. Its “history” becomes from the published work in Figaro newspaper by Tommaso Marinetti in 20 February 1909. In four years the idea of futuristic art appears vividly in Russia, in 1912 the publication activity was began here. Alexey Eliseevich Kruchenih was the iniciator of this action.

The futurist’s book is the synthesis of literature and fine art. Sometimes, there were several people produsing one book (“Заумная книга” by A. E. Kruchenih and other books) or it could be one author’s book (“Гауст – Чаба” by V. Stepanova etc.)

It was inspired by the development and changes of the reality, such as discovering of new technologies in different shperes of live and apperaring “new” style of life, which cann’t afford old-fashioned style of literature and fine art etc.

From the one hand, budetlyane (V. Khlebnikov’s term) were trying to forget previous experience (try to “Бросить […] с Парохода современности…”) to be totally different from the social taste (this idea was expressed in manifesto “Пощечина общественному вкусу”). From the other hand artist were impressed by the marginal art of naive art (for example, lithographic drawings by N. Goncharova for futuristic books and poems by V. Khlebnikov).

The sense of “пощечина общественному вкусу” was contained in kind of trash materials were used for the book construction (such as old wall-paper, cardboard etc.) The author’s text/handwritten text was considered as liberation from the feelingless, emotionless and characterless representation of text.


by Alyona


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