Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language

    • lacombe007
    • September 10th, 2012

    Art & language is a group of artists founded in the UK then with inclusion of American, Canadian and Australian artists. In total about 50 artists attended a group, among them Terry Atkinson, Michael Baldwin, Charles Harrison, Joseph Kosuth and Terry Smith. Group originated in late sixties (1967/68) in the stream of conceptualism, in 1969 there were published journal “Art-Language”, first issue of it was entitled ‘The Journal of Conceptual Art’. By their art pieces and in journal members of the group criticized modernism, tried to define nature of art, it’s content and formal boundaries and limits.
    Piece “Secret painting” (1967/68) consists of 2 elements: plate with a text and black-colored canvas. Text used not itself as graphically precious entity but as meaningful statement. One sentence substitutes any tropes, artistic remedies are absolutely reduced. Convention of art implies inner and outer sides, form and content, conceptual art tried to cease it, tried to reveal hypocrisy of art, it’s artificial nature. In “Secret painting” form and content are divided, painting itself is a black square surface which is symbolically means zero, form is absent or hidden, it is meaningless. This piece is like universal formulae of any art piece in the world cause any of it could be initially hidden in the artist’s mind, and it will be already exist as art and the question is whether representation makes art art of full value.

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